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UFO Phenomenon

UFO Phenomenon

Considering one of Life's Deepest Questions

Since the beggining of time, humans have wondered if We are the only ones in the vastness of universe.
One of most essential existential questions still remains a mystery.

The famous Drake Equation , a mathematical formula assumes that there are hundreds, thousands if not millions of planets with intelligent life.
Even when We look at the endless size of the Universe, the mathemtical possibility of us being the only intelligent beings in the Universe is impossible.

Life is very adaptable. Our own blue home (Earth) shows multiple examples of how adaptable organisms can be and over thousands of years most astonishing life forms can 
evolve in most harsh climate conditions. Consider this adaptability on a Universal scale, and the answer becomes quite simple (to me at least).

The (assumed) age of the universe and our short homo sapiens existance indicates a possibility for thousands of other intelligent civilizations to be present in the universe.
It is a dispute worth considering, and it is mathematically impossible for us to be the only intelligent species in the entire universe.

According to modern history Mankind exists for about 250.000-500.000 years, the assumed age of the Universe is 13.7 billion of years which clearly indicates the possibility of existance of other intelligent life forms in the Universe.
Moreover, consider the huge leap forward our civilization has taken within 100 years time, a progress that never stops accelerating as with our new technologies, artificial intelligence We only seem to accelerate the progress,
the progress which We are not able to righteously utilize so far. Within a 100 years time We have acomplished so much, imagine an intelligent civilization that is couple million years old, considering the incredible progress We have made
over 100 years, how advanced can they be if they are much older than mankind?

This is all hypothetical, yet such a mind-excersise is truly beneficial and should be carried out by every human being.
Considering the existance of other intelligent life forms that are older and more advanced than us open our mind and changes our perception of things.

Considering the assumed age of the universe, our civilizational timeline , and our ape-like childish behaviour, We are no older than infants civilizationally contemplating.

Evolutionary Informed Progress: Navigating a Civilizational Path to Preparedness and Openness

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Millenial Timeline of Evidence

The purpose of the Timeline is to create a data base of UFO related events, documents, claims.

The timeline will include considerable evidence from various ancienct texts , cave drawings, anything related to the big question of existance and visitance of extraterrestial beings on Earth.

Hopefully thousands of facts , documents and viable evidence will be listed within first months of this platforms existance, building one of the most accurate and enormous databases of Ufology.

The ultimate beneficial outcome achieved by openness and preparedness

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