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Insufficiencies of The Financial System

Insufficiencies of The Financial System

The Financial System: Recognizing The Two Edged Sword

The monetary system has been, is and more allegedly will remain a pillar of our civilization. A pillar that makes "The World" go around, a pillar that helpt our civilization to get to the point where We are today, but as with everything in our lives, the monetary system has it's positive and negative sides.
It seems as the number of negatives outcomes outways the number of positives within our current ancient financial system, We are slowly approaching a point in history of mankind where substantial changes will have to take place weather We like it or not as a civilization.
The pro-found achievements in technology can revolutionize mankind as We know it, modernizing financial system, making basic necessities obtainable for everyone, changing the corrupt globally present mind-set within the people that is utterly diminishing the potential of humanity, a mind-set that is in great detail
generated by finances, environment of an individual that shapes their way of thinking and behaviour, inadequate educational system that intends to program ones mind to become a slave of an insufficient system.

The changes that will affect the financial structure of our civilization in upcoming years will undeniably define the fate and lives of millions, billions of people and quite possibly the further direction of the evolution of mankind.

Humanity always had a monetary system, even in the ancient times We traded various goods in order to acquire what was needed. The value of items varied depending on what We actually needed at a time.
After hundreds of years, We have created a monetary system that resembles the one currently running. The Ancient Roman Empire created a financial system that resembles the one currently at hand.

The financial system got us where We are today as a civilization, but significant changes need to be urgently considered, not only by the ones in power but by every single one of us.
The finances are a part of everything We do, the need to pursuit wealth often affects human values in tremendous ways, depriving us of compasion, love, help or even respect to our home planet - Earth.
The finances often dictate our direction of life, our possibilities, utterly affecting some more than others overall shaping us into who We are.

When the way of how the financial system functiones is ackowledged, it becomes plain simple that this entire "ancienct structure" that defines the reality of billions of people is nothing more than a fraud.
A fraud that gives the power to the ones that control it, A fraud that exposes humanity to several negative outcomes that might spell out the end of the World as We know it.

The entire financial system is based on an unpayable debt, a debt that can never be paid. The money created out of thin air by the banks gives an unprecedenced power to the people with such capabilities.

Afterall the money seriously damages the potential of humanity, advocating for wars (which generate immerse amounts of profits for the weapon manufacturers) , environmental pollution , poverty, division , 
ignorance to help a person in need, affecting millions of people to do whatever is needed to pursue money (prostitues, drug dealers/gangs, robberies, etc.) and so much more.
Most of all it seems as this ancient financial structure deprives us of essential existencial conclusions, as We often chase through life in pursuit of profits, often realizing at the end of our existance how much the finances
influenced our lives, ways of being, and human values, how We treat others in worse situations etc.

The key point for me is the fact, that We all are on the same team, in team humanity, and We posses technology capable of re-inventing the financial system as We know it , making basic necessities such as shelter, food, water obtainable for everyone for free.
The progress of technology allows us to automate various industries that can benefit millions of lives and end the constant struggle to survive present in the lives of billions of people.

Creating a financial system that will distribute wealth equally is possible, building industries to make goods obtainable for the ones in need for free is also possible, the main driver of this change must be the People.
The wealthy, the powerful will never advocate for such changes as they are in a much better situation.
We have the technology and the resources to make the World a much better place for everyone, but if the current ruling structures remain humanity will be exposed to several negative outcomes, walking away from the true potential of humanity and the righteouss evolution path that
We can still follow, it is not too late.

The reality of the current financial structure is harsh, making the rich richer and the poor poorer. The wealth of the family often defines the possibilities of a person, as when an individual is born in a wealthy family it becomes much easier to chase ones dreams and obtain various goals.
The route for the one born in poverty is a much tougher one and only a small percentage of people born in poverty is able to achieve their dreams and live goals.

Hoarding wealth by the successful ones also suffocates the righteouss distribution of wealth, giving them power to manipulate the value of various assets in order to multiply their profits as well as many other possibilities that will result in increasing their wealth, where the poor one
has to go and get any job in order to connect the ends. 

As hard it is to explain the insuffiency and depravation the financial system causes to humanity, it is not a surprise that 90% of the people worldwide have no idea how financial system operates, how the money is being created and how questionable and insufficient the entire
structure is. 

Henry Ford once said:
"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

Many other brilliant minds have openly stated what they think about the ruling structure that dictates the direction of humanity and how manipulatable, insufficient and degenerating it is for our civilization,
yet if We the People do not understand how corrupt and insustainable this system is, and if We do not awake from the ignorance and lack of actions millions if not billions of people will suffer the consequences
influencing the further evolution of mankind in a major way.

US dollar is a great example of what a dead end the current ruling structure is, with over 32 trillion of dollars in an unpayable debt one of the most powerful countries in the World continues to function.
Sooner rather than later a collapse is imminent, a collapse that will affect the lives of billions of people, not just the ones living in the US but the entire World as when the US Dollars collapses it will have a global effect of a domino.

The questions is not if, but when the US Dollar will collapse, depending on the actions of FED, US Government, international affairs and the people , the financial situation of the country demands a change.
Technology offers a solution to everything if utilized for such righteouss purposes, We can create a new financial system that will greatly reduce poverty, hunger, pollution of the environment whilst maintaining 
"proper" human values that will not be destroyed by financial drivers and constant pursuit of profit making that often dismantles our core human values and makes us indifferent to several substantial situations.

.Certainy the current financial system demands modernization as the technological impact affects the distribution of wealth and the outcomes are truly negative on a civilizational scale.
The outcomes of the current financial system as described above are greatly influencing humanity as We know it, the sooner We confront this issue as species the more secured survival and well-being of mankind in entirety will be.

Gradual change is possible, perhaps introducing a UBI (Universal Basic Income) and generating ways to provide basic necessities to the population is a good first step that has to be undertaken sooner rather than later.
Most of all consideration of the issue by the People is essential as nothing will change without the consideration and influence of "regular" people. The wealthy, powerful ones will not care about such beneficial changes as they posses
more than they need, if there will not be any pressure from the people , no changes will occur and the least will be provided to silence the loud ones whom are demanding for changes.

Revolutionary Economies: Navigating the Modern Revolution

There are numerous possibilities to revolutionize the financial system and economy as We know it.

One of the most interesting initiatives is the "Venus Project" founded by Jacque Fresco.
I warmly invite everyone to understand the magnificent work of Jacque Fresco as his brilliance offers so much to humanity and future generations.
An initiative worth of exploring and considering, as the idea and knowledge of Jacque Fresco is truly astonishing and worth of ackowledging.
I love listening to the brilliance of Jacque Fresco, the way he describes our reality the insuffieincy of the financial, political structures and much more is 
so easy to understand and explained in a way which allows everyone to grasp their head around it.

The Venus Project - The Choise is Ours

This video explains the capabilities of humanity only if We are opened to new initiatives and are willing to try for the sake of humanity and the planet itself.
I invite everyone to watch Jacque Fresco's presentation as his wisdom and the way he communicates it is truly mind opening and worth of seeing.

The reality of the financial system is truly sad, billions of people living in poverty, military conflicts are often being escalated because of finances, pollution of the environment is also greatly influenced by the current financial reality of humanity,
people are often deprived of human values because of finances forgetting the fact that We are all one, same species on the same team, capable of resolving any issue only if We work together in a peaceful, cooperative, supportive manner.

The current burst of technology allows us to redefine the ancient ruling structures that might change the World for a much better place, significantly decreasing poverty, famine, military conflicts, pollution of the environment, having many beneficial impacts  on mankind as We know it today.
Exploring initiatives like the Venus Project should be a must for mankind, as such initiative might revolutionize humanity in most pro-found ways.
We require a change in our way of being, it is certain that if We keep walking on the self-destruction route that We are on, millions even billions of people will pay the price for our inability to explore and consider sensible solutions to the current issues our civilization is facing.
There are several other initiatives that intend to revolutionize current financial system, in my opinion The Venus Project is the one that has most potential and it is truly worth giving it a try.

After all what have We got to lose? Not much, and We can regain the righteouss evolutionary path, as without the financial struggle present amongst the people, the world would be a much better place, offering so many possibilities on an individual and civilizational scale.


Beyond Barriers: The Dawn of United Humanity

Undeniably, to achieve such structural transformation of our civilization, there are a lot of obstacles on the route to inbetterment, yet understanding the situation of the financial system and how negatively it affects mankind in totality should give a glympse of motivation to 
unite and walk towards possibilities that can redefine mankind as We know it. 

It is essential for people to increase their awareness regarding several essential subjects that should be of concern to us all, with the use of Better-Humanity.com We can create means of consideration and organization for the people.
If We only choose to gather, consider and commit to such initiative as Better-Humanity.com a lot can change for the better within few years time. 

At this point We have not much to lose as a civilization, and We have an entire better World to achieve only if We choose to awaken from the self-destructive path filled with ignorance and lack of actions this project is really the key to generate global awareness, consideration and solutions that might
benefit millions if not billions of lives within a decade.

The Power Is In The People, Our Actions Will Define Reality Of Mankind.

It is time to gather and reevalute our situation and existential goals as mankind.