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Climate Change

Climate Change

The International Union for Conservation of Nature.

In the last 50 years, the amount of 467 species have been officially declared extinct by The International Union for Conservation of Nature.

In the last 100 years , the human activity has exterminated over 500 species, polluted the earth’s atmosphere and waters our action are having an enormous impact on nature and earth itself.

We are polluting the oceans with 12.7 million tones of plastic each year.

Humanity emits enormous amounts of Co2 pollution a year

  1. 43 billion tons (2019)
  2. 40 billion tons (2020)

Our ignorance, greed and lack of co-operation towards the greater good will demolish not only our home planet but billions of living beings.

The impact of human activity on the biosphere is devastating, in the last 50 years our planet has suffered severe damage due to our ignorance, never-ending greed caused by the financial system, and lack of concrete actions influenced by the people. We are long past the point where human activity has created so much irreversible damage to our environment. The devastation of the biosphere is unimaginable, tens of species condemned to extinction it really shows how destructive and ignorant human beings can be.

How long will We ignore the facts that clearly state the destruction caused by our own doing? There are multiple ways of reducing the negative impact on the biosphere and the climate itself. The global co-operation of the people in order to create constructive solutions and influence them into existence is essential to achieve noticeable beneficial changes for all living beings.

The never-ending greed caused by the Monetary system is frequently damaging our planet and the distribution of wealth is designed to benefit very few, leaving 80% of the worlds population in constant day to day struggle and complete lack of perspectives which brings out the worst in us, enslaves us in the loop of ignorance and constant chase for financial gain to secure our well-being. Our ignorance, greed, and lack of cooperation towards the greater good will demolish not only our home planet but billions of living beings including humans.

Multiple inventions that could decrease the emission of Co2 were hidden from the public view because the implementation of such innovations did not meet the agenda of the corporations and would potentially lower their income and the control over the market. There are numerous examples of brilliant inventors who were suppressed and unsupported because their inventions would destroy industries taking the control and profit away from them.

Stanley Meyer

Stanley Meyer was the inventor of the hydrogen propulsion engine which could potentially make cars run on water (Electrolysis is the process of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. This reaction takes place in a unit called an electrolyzer, Hydrogen can be used as a fuel just like gasoline or diesel), yet the inventor was unsupported and discredited and mysteriously lost his life. Years later the car manufacturing giants have picked up the idea of Stanley Meyer and Hydrogen vehicles are being created as we speak.

Stanley Meyer – “Water powered” Car

Nikolai Tesla

Nikolai Tesla is known for his magnificent inventions which are years ahead of our currently known science and engineering possibilities even now a lot of his concepts are making incredible discussions and controversy. We want to underline one single fact, Tesla Motors has used the AC induction motor originally designed by Nikolai Tesla in the year 1889.

Nikolai Tesla on ignorance, also describing one of the core values of our community – “Spread of knowledge and unification”

The fact that after over 115 years a private company has picked up this amazing invention and started engineering shows the reality of the situation.

There are multiple technological inventions that could benefit humanity in various ways yet very often the great inventors were discredited and unsupported because of various reasons. Government-run facilities should have picked up on these amazing patents years ago in order to utilize them for public usage, if done so electric cars could exist years ago as a fruit of international scientific and engineering commitment which should be suggested years ago.

Read more about The Suppression of Technology and new possible patents/inventions to benefit humanity here.


1. Immediate ban of all plastic bags worldwide, degradable material needs to be used to immediately soften ocean and atmospheric pollution. We can all work with paper bags when taking groceries from the store and implement the degradable materials in many everyday basic usages.
This should have been done decades ago, unlimited governmental funding should be provided for this ecological change to benefit the loss of work for the factories producing plastic and giving these companies possibilities of reconstruction to degradable material production.
2. Creating an international government company that will take the electric revolution to a completely new level.
Bulk production of Solar Panels should be established by world leaders in order to equip every facility with a renewable energy source, global implementation could greatly reduce Co2 emission.

3. Researching and implementing modern technologies, such as storm turbines which could harvest incredible amounts of electricity or harvesting geothermal energy and researching tens of others beneficial possibilities, instead of leaving this aspect to private companies something mutual should be implemented to benefit the whole civilization and the poor specifically.

There are numerous natural disaster events possible, some more extreme than others.
It would be responsible for the governments and the people to acknowledge possible threats and prepare ourselves in case of such an event.
Science gives us great possibilities to research and understand threatening events and possibilities before they occur to face them as united civilizations in order to prevent chaos and global suffering.

The Future Defence Community envisions united humanity in order to focus on the essential subject and influence beneficial changes/procedures globally as well as regionally while each member will earn special community tokens for carrying out various online activities as a reward for commitment towards a better future.

Community tokens will be exchangeable for various required necessities and/or financial benefits in the near future.


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