Dear Human being,

Better-Humanity platform is a unique effort of great measures that intends to literary revolutionize our civilization in most pro-found, mutually constructed ways. The founder of the platform, Robert Rother has devoted his life towards achieving the unthinkable goal of changing the mindset of humanity whilst creating a global consciousness that cooperates worldwide with the intent to create a reality better for everyone.

The platform design might seem complex at the start and difficult to acknowledge, yet once you convey the potential of this effort and imagine the positive real-life impact it can bring the potential seems miraculous, as it might be such for millions of people around the Globe once this platform is fully developed and widely used by the population of any Nation.

Better-Humanity platform is designed to be governed by the people, the origin of a real democratic tool of the people that will allow the voice and will of the people to manifest, significantly decreasing negativities that haunt mankind such as military conflicts, poverty, division, famine, corruption. Building the foundations for new opportunities to emerge such as research and development of technology with a purpose to benefit the people, global access to education, global support possibilities for individuals/families/sick in need of expensive treatments, increasing financial well-being, focusing the perception of mankind on truly important matter that is essential to our further-secured evolution and so much more.

Imagine what 2 billion people can accomplish whilst working together, The miracle and positive changes start within you, Together We can make the World a better place in most pro-found ways.

Designing and development of this platform already took us over a year, less than a handful of people devoted their time to create this incredible opportunity for mankind. To fully develop this platform much is ahead of us, the biggest obstacle at this point are the funds, to develop the roots of functionalities in-planned in the initial core design. Overtime as more members actively contribute intellectually the functionalities might be greatly upgraded and plenty of new ones will come after, as together We can construct most innovative ways of bringing positive change on a global scale. This project was designed by the founder Robert Rother and it is the work of a single mind, together when the number of members in this community will be counted in millions perhaps billions the outcomes might be extraordinary, revolutionary and civilization changing in most beneficial ways for humanity.

An amount of 20.000€ should fuel the development greatly, all the funds donated as well as all the expenses will be visible on the platform, as We declare this project as fully humanitarian and no-one of the founding members will have any financial gain, every profit generated by the platform will be used to fund the *Better-Humanity Vault Of The People* in order to fuel the further expansion of the platform and its humanity changing positive impact.

Rarely anyone is aware of the fact that our civilization is in the middle of the greatest revolution known to modern history, what We make of these astonishing times is simply up to us collectively. We have the technology to make life abundant all around the globe, yet the question is weather the technology will be developed and implemented for such purposes, or will it rather be developed to surveil, control and construct more sophisticated military devices that will furtherly divide the people enhancing the odds of a global conflict resulting in disaster and further insecureness of survival of humanity..

Our ways of being as a civilization raise a serious concern in the minds of many brilliant, educated and aware people.

The question is will We ever raise to achieve the full potential of mankind? Unchained from the inequality of financial system, corruption of political structures and threat of mutual destruction which lately got more probable.

The Future Is In Our Hands,

What We Make Of It,

Is Simply Up To Us, Up To You!