The power is in the people, We have the power to change the World for the better,
We have the power to create a future We can all be proud of,
Be the change you wish to see.

The platform is designed to enable the golden era for humanity to emerge, an era of peace, prosperity, unity, love, and co-operation.

Please join our discord, follow our Twitter page, and help us to spread the word about this civilization-changing effort, an effort that might just be what mankind needs to awaken from the self-destruction path that We are on.


Community Decision Making System (Voting system)

Social-Media Integration (posting/messaging/following/member interaction)

The Core feature will enable the people to familiarize themselves with several subjects that are widely ignored and discredited, each member can disagree/share their points of view on a presented subject, as underlined above this platform will be fully decentralized and governed by the members. Furtherly the member can take part in the survey regarding that specific essential subject, after completing the survey the member can see the community statistics from all the completed surveys on our platform. The purpose of the survey is to generate the opinion of the community, what We as people think regarding that subject, and various aspects of it.

For each survey completed the member will gain rewards, We have included multiple rewards for continuous contribution on the platform.

The last step of the core feature is the Call For Action which is a petition-like feature that intends to gather millions of people worldwide to influence beneficial changes/actions regarding the matter. We will add one subject a month starting with the Evolution of Artificial Intelligence and Machinery subject – Educational Content/Survey/Call For Action included.)

The Better-Humanity platform is designed to become the true platform of the people, providing the fundaments for true democracy to take place, a democracy where every single individual has the right to express various points of view and become part of the decision-making process. The power is in the people, without the people there would be no governments.

Let the voice of the people be heard!

The Global Support Center (Education/Career Paths, Support Paths for the ones in need, Global Mapping of the people/services willing to help in their region, Supporting/Suggesting plans that will improve the lives of people in poor regions, treatment for the poor and much more)

The Global Donation Center ( Donation for Individuals, Donation for Restoration Projects, Donation for Platform Development). Cryptocurrency Coin Deployment ( A modern cryptocurrency design that intends to become the true currency of the people. The design of the coin will include various modern protocols that will secure price stability and overtime finance various projects worldwide that intend to benefit the people only if the majority of the platform will agree to the investment.

For example, We envision financing bulk housing to build self-sufficient towns that use renewable energy sources and modern technology to improve the conditions/availability of basic necessities, We intend to finance technology that will be built to benefit humanity as a whole, automated farm systems, energy generating systems, cheap bulk housing alternatives, etc.

The platform will provide full financial transparency of every donation going in or any expense going out, We want to underline that our cooperation with anyone will be based on the will to create a better World for everyone, We believe that over time millions of people around the World will be willing to contribute to this magnificent effort no to gain financial profit but to create a future that We can be proud of as a civilization. The cryptocurrency coin will undergo several checks to make sure that there are no malfunctions and that the community funds are fully secured, as these funds will change the lives of millions of people in the first years of the platform's existence).

Platform Development Donations


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To implement all platform functionalities, we require a total funding of approximately €20,000. Both incoming donations and outgoing expenses will be transparently displayed on the platform. Let's make the World a better place together. platform will be fully decentralized and governed by its members. is a miraculous effort that intends to unite humanity worldwide, increase awareness and consideration of multiple widely ignored or discredited subjects while providing multiple peaceful paths of action to facilitate beneficial changes and enable the voice of the people to be heard.

The platform design has multiple functionalities that intend to have an enormous real-life positive impact, and enable this community to become a global consciousness seeking for constructive solutions in order to secure the well-being and survival of humanity.

The ancient financial/political structures of our civilization suffocate the well-being and evolution of mankind, 90% of the population lives in a constant struggle for survival while the 10% have all the wealth they can ever spend. The rich become richer while the poor become poorer.

Undeniably our civilization is on a self-destruction path and rarely anyone is aware of this fact, the people are conditioned to live in a constant pursuit of financial profit which enlarges our ignorance and deprives us of core human values. Money dictates our reality and possibilities yet such a small percentage of people understand how the financial system works, how rigged and controlled this ancient mechanism truly is.


The purpose of this platform is to unite humanity and focus our perception on the essential matter, provide the means of "organization" for the people, a place where people can gather and continuously contribute towards making the World a better place for everyone.
A place where every point of view is welcomed and each suggestion is considered by the community.

A global consciousness cooperating towards most pro-found solutions and improvements whilst spreading the spirit of love, peace, and unity that will have an endless positive impact on our ignorant, greatly hypnotized/conditioned civilization

Member-governed platform means that each member will be invited to take part in various decisions that our community will have to reconcile.

For our community to successfully approve the voting the approval rate must be above 65%, yet the parameters of various features on the platform will be put to a community vote, as We the founders of this glorious, revolutionary effort want to make it fully community-driven.

We believe that people are generally "good" and capable of making decisions for themselves if presented with detailed data to consider themselves, yet the conditioning of the system truly diminishes the true potential of mankind on multiple levels and this platform intends to be the step forward for our civilization, a step forward that is truly needed at this critical period for mankind.

This is a brief outline of the features that are planned for development, We will include various rewards for the members for various tasks that can be completed daily/weekly for example:

Essential Subjects – Surveys

Decision-Making-System - Taking part in decision making

Educational Content Addition/Modification

A suggestion of features/projects

Positive Reaction From Community posts/content/contribution

The platform will contain several additional rewards for the most contributing members that hopefully over time can be of great amusement to the good souls that have contributed the most

Our civilization is so fragile, the historical records clearly indicate the fact that several ancient greatly developed civilizations have been extinguished from the face of the Earth, our existence is exposed to several natural disasters that can destabilize or even threaten the further survival of mankind yet instead of co-operating mutually to prepare various prevention mechanisms, solutions it seems as our efforts are greatly incapacitated by several aspects ( e.g. Conflicts between the Nations, Financial System, Control of various Industries, Ignorance of the people, etc.) that devolve mankind and paralyze the potential of our civilization to co-operate and use the technology for the benefit of mankind. intends to increase awareness and create multiple paths of action to mitigate beneficial changes on a global scale, We are really trying to make the World a better place for every living being, simultaneously securing the further evolution, stability, and survival of mankind.

Know More → is a project for which the internet should have been used for all along, creating a planetary consciousness of the people that will accelerate the emerging point of the golden era for humanity.

We even seem to generate additional threats such as Nuclear War, which due to recent events have become a "real possibility". The pollution generated by the activity of mankind can really cause various challenges for future generations. There are endless possibilities to construct most sophisticated solutions to implement beneficial changes that will serve the well-being of the environment and the people, yet for that to occur our civilization requires a shift in its mindset, which will over time be of revolutionary outcomes, fully achieved by the use of peaceful, co-operative means only.

Designed to decrease poverty, pollution, division, corruption, and military conflicts whilst empowering unity, cooperation, well-being, civilizational achievements/problem-solving, educational and career paths, global support for anyone, becoming true fundaments for "real democracy of the people" regionally, nationally, globally and so much more.

The key to revolutionary, peaceful changes that can restore the evolutionary path of our civilization is the change in the mindset of the people, as We have to awaken from the ignorance and lack of action that We have been conditioned into. Each and single one of us is a part of humanity, in such an essential time, if We simply choose to acknowledge certain facts and cooperate together by the use of such a revolutionary tool as platform much can change for the better.